Give The Gift Of Kindness

Spread joy + kindness to those you know and love or others in your community. It’s so easy to brighten someone’s day with words of encouragement and kindness.

With varying messages, there is a Kind Card for everyone!
 Each package includes 48 inspiring messages, guaranteed to bring a smile to others or be a lovely reminder that we all should be kinder to ourselves.

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The Kind Carded Story

Every year in December, instead of giving my children little treats in their advent, I used to do something with them that I called the “25 Days of Kindness.”
Each morning, my children would wake up to a “kindness task” that they had to complete that day and report back at dinner what they did and how it made them feel. The idea being that when we spread empathy and kindness, it not only promotes more love and joy in our community, but makes us as individuals feel better as well.

We were finding that every January, we were a little sad that the “25 Days of Kindness” was over, which got me wondering why I would limit this practice to only one month a year? Kindness is a behavior we should be encouraging year round.

During the “25 Days of Kindness”, one of the tasks my children loved the most was to write ‘love notes’ on sticky paper and post these notes all over bathroom stalls at a restaurant or at their school. We used to wait outside and listen to the laughter and happiness of whomever would find the surprise messages. I myself would carry this practice along every time I would go to a concert by adorning a random stall with notes of hope and love and happiness.

And so it is with this practice in mind that Kind Carded was born.

Empathy, Kindness, Compassion

Can you think of any bigger compliment than being described as “kind”?
Showing compassion and empathy goes beyond making someone else feel

cared for. When we are kind to others, it makes us feel good too.

While the concept of Be Kind Carded is simple, its impact can be profound.
Be Kind Carded brings the opportunity to form new connections, repair relationships and empower others through the power of positivity.
It’s the simple, unexpected acts of kindness that can truly change the course
of someone’s day,

We believe that the small acts of compassion and kindness can indeed
change the world, one card at a time.

Be Kind Carded

Within this pack are 48 cards of sweet and thoughtful sayings that you can share with friends + family, inspire strangers or simply be reminders to ourselves that we all matter. These heart warming cards are designed to promote joy, compassion and kindness.

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